Products and Application

These are some of the forms that our production capabilities are able to manufacture. Our product range includes but are not limited to the below series because die-casting can take many forms and we are able to produce different products for different uses around the home and our products take part in our everyday lives. Being primarily a home decor hardware manufacturer, we know the importance of appearance of the parts that will hang your coats, your robes, and your curtains. We are familiar with decorative products.

Cabinet Hardware

The main products of our company are all kinds of cabinet handles, which vary from type, material, and color.

  • A beautiful, skillfully - construcuted pull handle.
  • Provides an on - trend style that is as equally classic as it is chic.
  • Designed with a decor - enchancing.
  • Available in a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Long - lasting handles and knobs.
  • Marvelous hardware for a variety of cabinet applications.

Drapery Hardware

Window decoration castings are another major product of our company. We have accumulated many years of manufacturing experience, designing and creating exquisite and diverse curtain finials.

Our drapery rods are made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use and can support heavier fabrics and curtains. Available in a variety of styles and colors that match any décor and aesthetic.

Bathroom Accessories

The manufacture of bathroom accessories requires good plating technology to achieve waterproof and anti - corrosion effects, and the bathroom accessories produced by our company have won the annual selection of international brands.

Shelf Supports

Its minimalist appearance and unique structural design make it easy to assemble, lightweight and easy to move. The laminate can be cut to the required width. After being placed in the support frame, the trimming edge will be completely embedded, which is practical and beautiful.


Due to our flexible production process, the types and colors of the hooks that can be produced are diverse and meet the needs of different home accessories.

Hook and Rails

We can produce a variety of materials&types hook rails for different wall materials.

Decorative Hardware

Decorative accessories can make the home decoration achieve the finishing touch. The decorative hardware produced by our company can make the space more personal style.

Sofa/Bed/Cabinet Legs

Our company also produces home - related support frames, and the products can withstand the test of load and balance.

Candle Holders

Our mold design and manufacturing capabilities also cover larger customized decorative home castings.