Internal Audit

Internal Audit office is under BOD in Thai Kin organization and report to BOD meeting directly. We have full time internal auditors who were follow the qualification requirements of laws.

The internal auditors make the annual audit plan according to the risk assessment and propose the annual audit plan for the approval of Audit Committee and BOD meeting.

The Company perform full self-assessments of its internal control system. Its board of directors and management review the results of the self-assessments by each department at least annually and the reports of the internal audit department on a quarterly basis. The audit committee attend to and supervise these matters. Audit committees periodically hold discussions with their internal auditors about reviews of internal control system deficiencies. BOD meeting will approved and issue the Internal Control System Statement annually according to the result of self-assessments.

Thai Kin set up internal audit personnel according to the business scope of each company in the Group. Now there is one internal auditor in Parent company.