Specific Plan

Thai-Kin is very aware of the impact of our business on the rest of the society, including our stakeholders and the environment. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) specific plan is a very broad concept that addresses many various topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environment effect, working condition and contribution to economic development. Moreover, we have a desire to drive change towards sustainability.

Environment Protection

We attach great importance to the protection of the environment and regard it as a major corporate responsibility, including:

  1. to save energy. A lot of funds will be invested in the installation of the roof of solar panels as power generation.
  2. to build the Self-built sewage treatment equipment.
  3. to build the Self-built sewage treatment equipment. to save water resources by digging natural reservoirs as well as the use of rainwater storage for production use. These reservoirs can be home to many animals and plants [Green running water for the fish breeding pool].

Social Welfare

Donate air conditioning equipment and supplies to local schools in Thailand
Regularly assist to help maintaining facilities and equipment to local schools in Thailand.
Regularly donate free supply of water resources to local temples in Thailand.

Labor Human Rights

  1. Build employees’ dormitory so that our employees can live in decent life and environment.
  2. Build employees’ lakeside restaurant so that employees hold regular dinner activities.
  3. Organize staff training, including safety operations, professional knowledge.
  4. Regularly hold high-level cadres party activities.
  5. Hold an annual dinner party, including raffles and performing activities.
  6. Run the disaster prevention exercise training on a regular basis.
  7. Do a good job in the hardware and software safety and health management: the company's manufacturing processes, plants, information, and general departments as well as other relevant units which will carry out the safety and health risk assessment. We also plan to establish the construction safety control, chemical safety management, and safety auditing system.

Suppliers Cooperation

Through the supply chain management, Thai Kin hope that our suppliers and partners can work together to enhance the social progress.

  1. The supplier must comply with the laws and regulations of environmental protection, such as air pollution prevention and control, water pollution prevention and control, waste and toxic substances management in the local government. If any laws and regulations are violated, the improvement plan must be promptly proposed.
  2. Requiring suppliers to issue the inspection certificates for important raw materials, to provide a statement ensuring that their products do no contain any harmful substances to the community, and to ensure that the products meet with requirements of the relevant international laws and regulations.