Specific Plan

Thai-Kin is very aware of the impact of our business on the rest of the society, including our stakeholders and the environment. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) specific plan is a very broad concept that addresses many various topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environment effect, working condition and contribution to economic development. Moreover, we have a desire to drive change towards sustainability.

Environment Protection

The company has established an appropriate environmental management system according to its industrial characteristics, and established standards for various issues in accordance with local environmental protection regulations, EX: noise, air dust, waste water treatment, etc. And regularly entrust an impartial third party to test relevant data, and the test results are in line with customers and local regulations and standards.

Promoting green manufacturing: Procurement or use of raw materials and conflict minerals that are harmful to the human environment is strictly prohibited, and the recycling of chemical waste liquids is strengthened. At the same time, major suppliers are required to cooperate with the green manufacturing policy.

The following are the achievements of Taijin's contribution to environmental protection:

We attach great importance to the protection of the environment and regard it as a major corporate responsibility, including:

  • Save and clean energy, Thai Kin Co., Ltd. will be invested in the installation of the roof of solar panels as renewable power generation. Solar energy represents a clean and green source, using solar power is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.

We installed photovoltaic solar panel, with 5,669.79 kWh capacity at our factory in Chonburi, Thailand. The system is operating since October 2019.

The first phase of the company's solar roof was completed in April 2020. After the opening, the revenue in 2020 increased by 26% compared with that in 2019, but the electricity bill decreased by 12.53% compared with 2019, and the energy saving effect has begun to show.

The second phase of the solar roof has started construction in 2021, and as of 2021, about 25 million baht has been invested.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Thai Kin Co., Ltd. have committed ourselves to become water postitive, being water positive means that we will be good water stewards and contribute to improved management in water-stressed areas where we operate. We are reponsible to ensure the efficient ETP operations in the factory for all the time.

We attach great importance to the protection of the environment and regard it as a major corporate responsibility, including:

  • In order to save energy, a lot of money will be invested to set up solar panel roofs to generate electricity
  • Self-built sewage treatment equipment
  • It is strictly forbidden to purchase or use raw materials that are harmful to the human environment, and strengthen the recycling of chemical waste liquids. At the same time, major suppliers are required to cooperate with the green manufacturing policy
  • Use the open space of the factory to grow vegetables, fruits and greenery, and distribute them to employees
  • Promote electronic document management system to reduce paperwork
  • The zinc and aluminum waste generated in the process is recycled and reused in cooperation with third-party manufacturers

Carbon Reduction Policy

Thai Kin attaches great importance to global climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and has established a greenhouse gas inventory as its emission reduction target list, and using 2016 as the base year, plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in 2025 . And formulate quantitative management goals for each GHG sub-item. The implementation plans and quantitative management objectives for each year are as follows:

Thai Kin GHG emissions in 2021 will be 8,418 tons, 549 tons less than the planned target, showing the company's remarkable performance in carbon reduction policies. GHG emissions over the past two years are as follows:

Water Policy

In view of the extreme climate in recent years and the excessive concentration of rainfall due to uneven rainfall in the world, the probability of floods and droughts increases. Taijin understands the importance of protecting water resources, and its policies:

1. Each factory saves water

2. Wastewater recycling and reuse

For the wastewater reuse part, Thai Kin started a series of actions, including collecting wastewater data (RO system) every day, installing water meters (drain pipe filters), analyzing water quality, installing drain pipes into the water supply system, saving and summarizing the results, etc.

The water consumption in the past two years is as follows:

Green Manufacturing

Thai Kin has always adhered to the tenet of green manufacturing, and was certified as a green enterprise by the Thai government in 2014.

It is more strictly forbidden to purchase or use raw materials and conflict minerals that are harmful to the human environment, and strengthen the recycling of chemical waste liquids, and cooperate with qualified recycling manufacturers to continuously develop more environmentally friendly commodity raw materials and reduce pollutants and waste.

The waste weights for the past two years are as follows:

Social Welfare

2021 Implementation Results

Donate various anti-epidemic materials and screening reagents to local hospitals and schools during the COVID-19 period

Helping local schools with roof construction

Donated air-conditioning equipment and materials to local schools in Thailand

Regularly assist in maintaining local school facilities in Thailand and repairing equipment

Regular donation to local temples in Thailand and free water supply

Sponsored fruits to Taiwan and other families' baby social welfare associations, providing fresh fruits to disadvantaged children in nursery institutions

Sponsor the Happy Learning Association of the Republic of China, accompany disadvantaged children to study and grow, and provide free after-school tutoring for economically disadvantaged elementary and middle school students.

Labor Human Rights

Vaccination programme for all employees

Thai-Kin Co., Ltd. is willing to reduce the burden on the government sector and accelerates the vaccination for 100% of employees, raising the level of safety. Build trust among our employees and stakeholders.

Mr. HSU Ta Chin, President of Thai Kin Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of casting for furniture in Thailand, revealed that due to the rapidly escalating COVID-19 epidemic situation, especially in Thailand, the company is concerned about the health & safety of all employees. Therefore, the company has expedited the procurement of vaccines to all employees at our factory based in Chonburi, Thailand.

Recently, the company has been allocated an alternative vaccine which is a vaccine that the private sector pays for itself. The company is expected to be able to give enough injections to 100% of employees in total about 2,600 doses, initially coordinating with hospital in the area to supervise the vaccination for all employees by the end of August 2021. On 24th July, 2021, the first injection has been given to all employees.

To build confidence for employees, partners and those involved. This is also considered a part of alleviating the burden on the government. And medical personnel who are continuously taking care of patients in the past. It also helps to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus so that Thailand can open the country and recover the economy from Covid-19.

Employee Benefits

Employees are Thai Kin's greatest asset. We pay great attention to the physical and mental health of employees, provide various employee benefits, and help employees balance work and life development.

  • Build staff dormitories to make life safe for staff
  • Build a water restaurant by the lake for employees to hold regular gatherings for employees
  • Scheduled staff training, including safe operation, professional knowledge.
  • Scheduled meetings for middle and senior cadres
  • Annual dinner party, lucky draw and performances.
  • Shuttle bus to and from get off work.
  • Attendance bonus
  • Wedding and funeral subsidies.
  • Provide social insurance funds, provident funds, compensation funds and employee welfare funds according to regulations to protect employee-related benefits

Employee retirement system and its implementation status:

Thailand: In accordance with Section 118 of Chapter 11 of the Thai Labor Protection Act, local employees are provided with pension protection, which is a defined benefit plan. Employees who meet the retirement conditions can receive new pensions for the corresponding number of days according to their seniority. Liabilities have been recognised in the financial statements in accordance with an actuarial report issued by a qualified actuary.

Taiwan: Employees in Taiwan are subject to the Labor Pension Regulations, and 6% of their monthly wages are allocated as pensions to the individual pension account of the Labor Insurance Bureau in accordance with the law.

further education and training:

In terms of human resources training, for new employees, the company provides pre-employment training according to their functions to help them adapt and be competent for their jobs. For on-the-job employees, various professional vocational training courses, such as internal and external, are implemented irregularly according to the work needs.

1. Internal training: It is divided into new recruit training, relocation training and current job update. For example, new employees on the production line watch the company's self-made teaching videos and the production line supervisor's explanation and guidance, so that new employees can enter the situation faster and shorten the learning curve.

2. External training: arrange different training courses according to each function: for example, in business, participate in product quality training courses organized by customers, customer specification training courses; production management level participates in friendly factory visits to exchange production management and manufacturing processes, and other Corporate governance and professional courses required by competent authorities.

Safe workplace

The company has formulated a code of practice for corporate social responsibility. And in accordance with Article 18 of the company's "Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice", the company's employee recruitment policy does not discriminate against gender, race, socioeconomic class, age, marital and family status, etc., and implements employment, employment conditions, remuneration, and benefits. , training, evaluation and promotion of equality. And through the inspection and requirements of major customers for international human rights conventions.

The personal safety of employees and the workplace environment is also one of the company's important issues. Every factory must pass the occupational safety and health management system certification. Taijin provides employees with a high-quality working environment and strictly controls the environmental safety of the operation site. Its projects include.

  1. The company inspects the factory environment and fire safety every year, and invites an impartial third-party inspection to inspect the environment, noise, air dust, etc.
  2. Insure employee accident insurance for the factory area.
  3. Schedule employee training, including safe operation and professional knowledge.
  4. Do a good job in the safety and health management of hardware facilities: the company's process, factory affairs, information and general affairs departments and other relevant units will conduct safety and health risk assessments. Establish construction safety control, chemical safety management and safety audit systems.
  5. Regular disaster prevention drills and occupational safety training.
  6. The factory has a medical room.

And every year, we host an Employee Safety Week campaign to regenerate momentum and rekindle our commitment to reducing workplace injuries.

This is an opportunity for everyone to remember the power of safe choices and how they affect each other in the workplace and beyond.

Here, you'll find tools that can help enable Safety Week in companies, workplaces, and communities.

Through training, health checks and other activities, we raise awareness of safety, health and wellbeing. Our goal is to help ourselves, our entire plant, and our employees move toward safety.

Our employees come to participate in various events. We also have safety, environmental staff and nurses who can share knowledge and good practice with participants.

Suppliers Cooperation

Through supply chain management, Thai Kin expects its suppliers and partners to work together to improve social progress.

The company requires suppliers to sign confidentiality agreements, and to comply with environmental protection, occupational safety and health or labor rights and other issues of consent. If it involves and violates corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, labor rights, etc., the cooperative relationship may be terminated at any time. Supplier Policy and Management:

Supplier Management PolicyRequireimplement
environmental protection1. Suppliers must comply with local government environmental protection regulations such as air pollution control, water pollution control, waste and toxic substance management, etc. If there is any violation of regulations, an improvement plan must be proposed in time. 2. Ensure that its products do not contain internationally banned substances that are harmful to the environment, and ensure that the products meet the requirements of customers and relevant international laws and regulations. 3. Procurement of non-conflict raw materialsRequire suppliers to issue inspection certificates for important raw materials, and require suppliers to provide declarations and inspection reports to prove that their products do not contain internationally banned substances that are harmful to the environment, and ensure that products meet the requirements of customers and relevant international laws and regulations
labor rightsComply with all applicable labor laws. Provide a safe and healthy work environment. Child labor is prohibited. Forced labor is prohibited.The purchasing department conducts assessments on suppliers on a monthly basis. The audit department conducts audits on suppliers every year.