Business Philosophy

Persist in product quality

THAI KIN accumulated many years of casting experience, and is committed to:

  • Continuous improvement of production process Innovation. We have invested in a lot of resources. Besides, we have focused on the process stability of the product as well as the ability to meet the needs of a small amount of diversity.
  • One-stop production with fast product development, rapid response to market demand, reduce new product development time and production cycle. Fully understand the needs of customers, set up production process based on customer's request.
  • Continuous research and development of new processes and surface treatment. Fully communicate with customers in advance, use 3D printing technology to accurately meet customer's needs, and work closely with suppliers and laboratories to create a sense of technology products.
  • Constant improvement of the company, product quality and manufacturing service processes. We firmly believe that providing the most competitive products is the only way to keep the leading position of furniture casting manufactures.

Become a trusted strategic partner

We believe that the achievement of customers is the achievement of our own. Determined to create the most competitive products for our customers, we work hard on innovative thinking and advanced design concepts, paying close attention to the most important customer needs, and creating win-win competitive advantages. We deeply understand that establishing a sustainable partnership with our customers as a solid backing for our clients is the key of enabling us to continue growing together in all aspects.