Company Profile

THAI KIN is the leading manufacturer of casting for furniture in Thailand. The factory was founded in 2008; located in Chonburi, Thailand. The company has approximately 1,300 employees.

Our president, Mr.Hsu Ta Chin, and his team have many years of experience in metal casting. Our company is the leading domestic furniture casting professional manufacturer with the main products of home decoration and functional parts manufacturing. The ultimate process of designing ability and professional manufacturing technology are obvious to all. THAI KIN have precise mold development and manufacturing capabilities as well as the pursuit of the perfect technology. Besides, we can produce various types of furniture accessories; create a fine and meticulous castings which are in line with high-quality customer requirements; and work together with customers in product design and development which are not only in the foundry manufacturing cooperation mode, but are also in the fashion taste to a higher level, coupled with accumulated many years of skilled die-casting forming and surface treatment capabilities with the combination of materials and the use of flexible, providing a Station-based services, to meet current market demand for change. The highly customized capacity of the European and American furniture maker has been affirmed by IKEA, MOEN and AMEROCK and other first-line manufacturers favor.