Vision and Mission

In addition to focusing on the main industry as well as maximizing revenue and shareholder compensation, THAI KIN Corporation always believes that we must contribute to environmental and social responsibility.

In keeping with the vision of "people-oriented, symbiosis with the environment and common prosperity with society", the team of THAI KIN continues to develop in all directions for "customers, shareholders, employees, environment, and society".

Whether in environmental issues, employees care, care for the disadvantaged in terms of neither left forces, we were certified as the green business in 2014 by the Industrial Development Bureau (Thailand). Moreover, we received a world-class plant inspection and certification, including ISO9001: 2015, ISO14000, IWAY standard, Walmart Ethical standard.

The company has formulated the "Corporate Social Responsibility Code" and conducted assessments on environmental, social and corporate governance issues related to the company's operations, and the General Manager's Office is responsible for corporate social responsibility policies, systems or related management guidelines and specific promotion plans. propose and execute. At present, after evaluating risks according to the principle of materiality, the company has planned four major topics:

1. Environmental Sustainability

2. Social Welfare

3. Labor rights

4. Supplier Management

The company continues to make assumptions about the above issues every year, and its actual implementation results are detailed on the website.