Governance Structure

Through the board of directors, compensation committee, audit committee, independent internal audit unit and corporate governance unit, the company fulfills its responsibilities and jointly ensures that the company implements the following corporate governance goals:

1. Safeguard the rights and interests of shareholders and treat them equally

2. Strengthen the structure and operation of the board of directors

3. Improve information transparency

4. Implement corporate social responsibility

5. Respect the rights and interests of stakeholders.

In addition, the company has passed the resolution of the board of directors on December 29, 2021, and appointed Huang Cheng Hsiu, the chief financial officer, as the director of corporate governance. The chief financial officer has more than three years of experience in financial management of public offering companies. The main responsibilities of the corporate governance supervisor are to handle matters related to the board of directors and shareholders' meetings according to law, to prepare the minutes of the board of directors and shareholders' meetings, to assist directors to take office and continue their education, and to provide directors' executive Information required for business, assist directors to comply with laws and regulations, and maintain investor relations, etc.

The status of corporate governance supervisors’ training in 2022 is as follows:

Course TitleTraining hours
Sustainable Development Roadmap Industry Theme Publicity Conference2
Discussion on M&A Integration Issues in the Process of Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions3
Talking about Emerging Financial Technology Crimes and Money Laundering Prevention from a Company Perspective3
Circular Economy Benefits and Its Business Model3
Technology Development and Business Opportunities of Electric Vehicles and Smart Vehicles3
Discussion on Independent Directors and Audit Committee from Court Practice Cases3
Enterprise Growth Strategy and External Innovation3

In addition, in order to improve information transparency, the company disclosed the list of major shareholders as follows (data date December 31, 2022: unit: shares)

Main shareholder nameNumber of shares heldShareholding ratio
Triple Nine Co., Ltd10,752,19730.11%
The Heritage Group Co., Ltd10,002,73528.01%
Cloud 15 Co., Ltd2,090,1245.85%
Dazzle Co., Ltd1,791,5355.02%
Schnitzer Zinc Co., Ltd1,791,5355.02%
Oakland Manufacturing Co., Ltd1,774,5354.97%
Brussels Co., Ltd1,492,9464.18%