By Editor
Feb 28, 2020

Sedex Member

Royal Finishing Co., Ltd. (Thai – Kin’s factory in Chonburi, Thailand) is a member of SEDEX where all members could exchange the information will not do business or buy items from companies that do not have ethics in labor.

For this reason, customers can be confident that Thai Kin Co., Ltd. is committed to paying attention and treating every employees ethically in accordance with all SEDEX regulations, because the company has joined as a member and was audited by Intertek (Thailand) on 31th January 2019 and received renewal audit annually.

The Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) or SEDEX is an organization and management system for labor protection. And safety at workplace that unites business members around the world. There is a mutual agreement which is to develop the ethics of the company or vendor. The companies that can join this group must treat their employees or workers ethically throughout the system, not only in their own company but include those who distribute products must also have ethics for labor as well.