THAI KIN welcomed Asia Stainless Steel for factory tours

By Editor
Sep 28, 2018

On the 30th August 2018, Royal Finishing (Thai Kin’s factory in Thailand) was very glad to welcome Asia Stainless Steel team who came to visit and learn more about Health and Safety good practice from our factory.

Royal Finishing was chosen to be one of the factory that have good examples from IKEA’s suppliers and partners regarding implementation of IWAY into the reality, IWAY Chapter 8.11 Workplace condition: the factory maintain working area in good condition, less visible dust from grinding and polishing process. Our grinder booths are equipped with dust collector system. And every workers use proper PPE to protect respiration system of the workers.

On the day, our Health and Safety staffs led the factory tours for 3 guests from Asia Stainless Steel. It has been productive day and both factory have lot of exchange and good ideas. Asia Stainless Steel was impressed with this factory visit that gave them “idea – information – knowledge” and they expected that they can bring back some of our good practice to implement and develop their factory.