THAI – KIN accelerates the vaccination for all employees

By Editor
Aug 2, 2021

Thai-Kin Co., Ltd. is willing to reduce the burden on the government sector and accelerates the vaccination for 100% of employees, raising the level of safety. Build trust among our employees and stakeholders.

Mr. HSU Ta Chin, President of Thai Kin Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of casting for furniture in Thailand, revealed that due to the rapidly escalating COVID-19 epidemic situation, especially in Thailand, the company is concerned about the health & safety of all employees. Therefore, the company has expedited the procurement of vaccines to all employees at our factory based in Chonburi, Thailand.

Recently, the company has been allocated an alternative vaccine which is a vaccine that the private sector pays for itself. The company is expected to be able to give enough injections to 100% of employees in total about 2,600 doses, initially coordinating with hospital in the area to supervise the vaccination for all employees by the end of August 2021. On 24th July, 2021, the first injection has been given to all employees.

To build confidence for employees, partners and those involved. This is also considered a part of alleviating the burden on the government. And medical personnel who are continuously taking care of patients in the past. It also helps to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus so that Thailand can open the country and recover the economy from Covid-19.

“In addition, during the COVID-19 situation, Thai - Kin has various measures to prevent the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus and taking care of employees who are an important force in the company's growth” said Mr. HSU Ta Chin.