Moving toward to best Supply Chain Security

By Editor
Nov 23, 2018

Royal Finishing Co. Ltd. (Thai – Kin’s factory in Chonburi, Thailand) is starting our supply chain security journey. We operate internationally which involves many complicated customs procedures and requires compliance with various security requirements. Another key point is showing responsible business conduct and commitment to protecting our customer’s property as well as our own personnel, facilities, and the environment.

Supply Chain Security compliance will bring so many benefits to business,

  1. Simpler and faster customs clearance
    obtaining a SCS certificate brings a lot of customs simplifications, such as import/export cargo inspection rate decrease, priority treatment of cargo if earmarked for inspection and faster customs clearance.
  2. Improved internal processes
    Find out what we have not done, what should do now and what we must do in the future. Internal improvements included improvement of site security against physical or IT intrusions; an improved traceability for our operation; a more accurate transport time control.
  3. Improved brand reputation / competitiveness

Getting a certificate gives our company a reliability and security status recognized throughout the US / EU and increasing international validity. It also ensures that customers can expect the same service. As an effect, to enlarge our business together.