Annual party - 2017 year end celebration

By Editor
Dec 29, 2017

On 23rd December, 2017 - Mr. Vincent HSU, Vice President of Royal Finishing, delivered his New Year's speech to employees, which might also be of interest to an external audience.

Good evening guests and friends, thank you for attending Royal Finishing's New Year's celebration party. On behalf of the company's shareholders and management, I would like to thank everyone for the hard work they've put into their jobs throughout the year. Thank you for all the overtime work you've done to meet the demands of our customers.

Many of you have traveled from far away to work here. I want to thank your family for their understanding, too.  In the next year, we will focus on our responsibilities and goals. Let's approach all the tasks waiting for us next year with the utmost urgency.

We have a lot of opportunities and new businesses in the year ahead of us. Together, let us convert those opportunities to customer orders. I would like to be able to inform you next year that we've reversed the trend and make record sales in 2018.
For now, sit back, relax, enjoy the food, drinks and music the company has prepared and dance the night away. Thank you again and Happy New Year.