Process Competitiveness

Our company have one stop production advantage - from design to packaging, final products to shelf, all of these could be finished from our process. We use a wide range of raw materials which are flexible and changeable for prodctuion, diversified processing and automation equipment could provide a highly customized service, to create product diversity and create unlimited possibilities for home castings.


Thai Kin utilizes fully automated cantilever hydraulic rack plating for most of its zinc and aluminum substrate parts. Thai Kin works with over 1,000,000 Liters of available chemicals and is able to apply copper, nickel, chrome plating as well as a variety of other finishes including but not limited to black nickel, stain nickel, brass, and copper oxide. Automated crane based plating is also available. Thai Kin is able to work with parts as long as 2.2 meters in length for its plating operations using the crane lines. Additionally Thai Kin also has a fully automated EDP production line to support finish development indecent or in combination of inorganic finishes, and a barrel plating line to support plating of small fitting parts.

Zinc Die-Casting

Thai Kin utilizes hot chamber zinc die-casters for its zinc production. Material is fed to these machines from a central furnace. The central furnace feeds material to Thai Kin’s die-casters via an automatic transport system. The central furnace operation ensures minimal temperature fluctuation for the die-casters during material feeding and also safety of the particular operation. Thai Kin utilizes both manual and automatic operations for the die-casting process depending on product type, efficiency, productivity, and quality. Zamak 3 and Zamak 5 are commonly used in production.

Aluminum Die-Casting

Thai Kin utilizes cold chamber die-casters for its aluminum production. Material is fed to these machines from a central furnace. The central furnace operation ensures minimal fluctuation in temperature and subsequently better efficiency and controlled quality during die-casting. All aluminum die-casters are set up in automatic systems for predictable and repeatable cycle time and particularly for safety. ADC 12 is most commonly used in aluminum die-casting production.


Thai Kin designs and manufactures die-casting, stamping, and injection toolings in house. The layout and structure of the tools are designed in consideration of productivity and quality considerations. Thai Kin specializes in manufacturing decorative hardware. While it is important to hold tolerances and dimensions, casted parts also need to be able to withstand load and also have a nice surface treatment. A lot of the features desirable in our products are built since the die-cast tool. After the design is complete, engineers will utilize in house CNC milling machines to build the tool. Tooling at Thai Kin starts with a cubic steel block from material suppliers. CNC milling, spark erosion, wire cuts will cut the tool dies to their designed shape and form. Our tooling is built for tolerances of micrometers.

Plastic Injection

Thai Kin utilizes materials ABS, PP, HDPE, POM, PC, PA6 in its plastic parts production. Thai Kin can fully support itself with plastic components used in product assemblies as well as fittings. Products such as plastic containers and decorative pieces are also produced in house.


Thai Kin manufactures a host of deep drawn products in complicated 6 step processes as well as hinges and fittings manufactured with automatic feeders and progressive dies. Tubes, blanks, coils are fed into our stamping processes to cut, draw, or bend products into function/decorative forms.

Machining Grinding/Buffing

For assembly parts, it is common that assembly features like notches and screw holes are not built into die-cast tools. Thai Kin has a variety of processes to machine those features. Undesirable by-products of the cast like parting line and burr are removed via grinding process. Surfactants from the cast that are not desirable are then buffed away to a finish matching the final product prior to plating.

Liquid and Powder Coating

Thai Kin extensively utilizes liquid and powder coating to seal finishes with brushing and highlighting and increase the protectiveness of the finish. Thai Kin also has two powder coating chambers to work with solid finishes.

Packaging Support

Thai Kin has in house 2-color Flexo printing to support carton manufacturing. Thai Kin also has rotary and flatbed die-cuts to pump out inserts and boxes for retail and whole sale packaging solutions. Additionally, 2 thermoforming machines are available for blister pack and clam shell packaging solutions. Film rollers fold and glue plastic sheets to form hard plastic tube boxes to fully display and protect products.